Emojibeans - A blockchain based trading card game

The Gifarre project seeks to bring photos to life by making them dynamic and responsive. In the future photos will have a programmed personality of their own. When you wave at a photo, it will wave back. This can be accomplished by using a sensor, like the Kinect, and a series of animated GIFs.
Gifarre.com was built to start testing out this concept by allowing the viewer to interact with a photo by pushing two buttons.


Becn is a new way to communicate with the people you care about the most. Set your Becn status to visually tell others what you are doing. Follow others and watch what is happening.


How old is Bitcoin?


Use three raw signed transactions to preselect where the bitcoins can be spent.


How many bitcoins are there per person?


Divvy up a bill between a group.
People don't always have the right amount of cash on them to split up a tab, but with bitcoins it's easy.


Why has the blockchain been colored?
Because it looks cool, and you can scroll through it.


The Bitcoin Feed, since Block 294595


Use three existing public keys to make a new multi-sig bitcoin address. This might not work yet!

(a copy of http://ms-brainwallet.org)

Leave public messages associated with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin addresses.

The Usage is a search engine to help robots understand the world by defining how objects can be used.

ABEvsSTEVE seeks to iteratively find the ideal debate for each topic statement by crowd-sourcing user submitted videos and ratings so that the best responses can rise to the top positions.

Open Mars is going to be an open source platform for crowdsourcing the exploration of Mars.

This is my first website. BrainCloud displays the latest trends on the internet. Refresh the page to get different content. BrainCloud hits the sites it gets it's content from every 30 minutes.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Encubit is kind of like Wikipedia, but an article needs to be contained to one printable page and will include comments, voting, and tagging.